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Flash Photography

Flute and Guitar

Fighting the Mischievous Imp

Pierrot Ensemble

The Reflections of My Introverted Sneakers

Two Flutes and Stereo Electronics

AlysStephens Gig.jpg

An Evening in Winter

Game Trailer

Retroactive Gambit

Flute Duo and Stereo Electronics


More Compositions

An Evening in Winter – Piano

Ashi – Piano

For ______ Voices – Marimba

Pizzazz – Jazz Improvisation

Radiance Swells – Vibraphone and Electronics


Amber Waves – Flute and Bassoon

Biscuits 'N Gravy – 6 Guitars and Voice

Burning Mirrors – Electric Bassoon and Vibraphone

Creative Altruism – String Quartet

Festive Fire – Song Cycle for Chamber Sextet

Onomast – Operetta for Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Cello, and Piano

Three Quick Impressions – Song Set for Voice and Piano

Triumph – Mezzo-Soprano and Bassoon

where there's smoke... – Chamber Ensemble, Gamer, and Visual Media


Fanfare for the Conquering at Dusk


Stereo Electronics

Anthem of the Cloud People 

Red Hot Nickel Ball in 2-Channel Audio


Vehement Faun 

Media Music

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