Thomas L. Wilson

Fighting the

Mischievous Imp

Pierrot Ensemble

The Reflections of My Introverted Sneakers

Violin and Stereo Electronics

Flash Photography

Flute and Guitar

Short Bio

     Thomas received his M.M. and B.M. in Music Composition from The University of Alabama and currently works towards a Ph.D. in Music Composition at LSU with a minor in Experimental Music and Digital Media. Prominent mentors throughout his studies include Mara Gibson, C.P. First, Peter Westergaard, and Yotam Haber. He enjoys collaborating internationally with performers, including conference and festival performance at the Atlantic Music Festival, highSCORE Festival, Society of Composers Inc. National Conference, New York City Electronic Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, National Student Electronic Music Event, and ArtPlay Festival. His thesis The Reflections of My Introverted Sneakers can be found on the album Early Musings: New Music for Violin performed by Davis Brooks and released through Navona Records. 

Radiance Swells Truman State
Alys Stephens Performance
Thomas playing Guitar

Video Game Music

Music for Orchestra

Media Music


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